Saffron in sticks 0,5 grams

Saffron in sticks in 0,5 grams glass jar with a hermetic closure.

Saffron harvested and dried by hand.

With 1 gram of saffron stems it is possible to prepare from 10 to 12 or more portions of risotto with 20/21 stems per dish, after soaking for at least 40 minutes in water or lukewarm broth in a hermetically sealed container or with cling film. To release all the saffron flavour, we recommend a 4-hour soak.

Store the saffron in a dry and dark place, away from heat sources. Close the container after use.

The expiration date is usually 3 years from the date of packing.

Lotto F1 Scadenza: consumare preferibilmente entro Dicembre 2025

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